Welcome to the Era of
Blockchain on the Edge.

We are Newmetric — a team of blockchain, network, and database specialists committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain RPC provisioning and offering developer-focused, low-level tools.

We are pioneering the concept of "Edge Computation for Blockchain" , through which we can deliver infinite scalability, as well as customizations that were never possible before.

We envision a paradigm shift in blockchain RPC provisioning by employing a cloud-native approach, using Edge Computation, to achieve unparalleled scalability, reliability, and most importantly, performance.

  • Fast Already.

    On its most basic configuration, Newmetric's cluster is roughly 8x faster with 87% reduction in latency under load.

    Performance Gain
  • Infinite Scalability, No Cap.

    Mesa nodes are capable of scaling to infinity in just under 5 seconds, with almost no overhead.

  • Globally Distributed.

    Leveraging the superior resource utilization, we can place more clusters across the globe while maintaining the same level of performance.

    Distributed Regions
    Everywhere (TBD)


Ultra-performant, infinitely scalable blockchain RPC cluster. Never worry about things slowing down again.

Mesa is the result of Newmetric’s relentless research with a singular focus — performance, by removing the limitations of the monolithic architecture of blockchain clients.

We develop critical components in-house — everything from custom database drivers to network stack, with countless optimizations all aimed at delivering the best performing RPC.

  • Unmatched concurrency
  • Fully archival
  • Useful default indexes


Forget testnet. Create your dedicated forks of mainnet, anytime.

Leveraging Mesa’s archival capability, Cradle allows you to fork a running network at your request, anytime - a dedicated simulation/test bed that stems from the real data from the mainnet.

Cradle effectively renders testnet obsolete — Imagine the ability to fork the mainnet from any block, test using real data from the mainnet, then teardown immediately when you are done. Repeat as needed.

  • Send transactions on behalf of anyone
  • Only takes 5 seconds to fork
  • CI/CD ready

Our mission is simple — Bringing mass adoption of Web3 by encompassing the complete lifecycle of all Web3 applications, from development to production, in the most accessible and reliable way.

We would love to hear from you, whether for general inquiries, requests for additional chain support, collaboration opportunities, technical discussions, or really just anything.